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Request Copies of Audio Recordings and Transcripts

All requests for audio copies of hearings are processed by the Information Technology Department at the OAH.

To obtain a copy of a hearing (digital-electronic copy or CDs) or transcripts, you MUST submit your request via the Media Request Form below.

You will be prompted to include your full name, email address, telephone number and mailing address.

Requests must also include the following information:

  • the case name
  • the OAH case number
  • the hearing date(s)
  • the location of the hearing
  • the Administrative Law Judge who conducted the hearing
  • the OAH case type (i.e. MVA)

Note: Select Misc. if you don’t see the case type listed in the dropdown.

Audio recordings are retained by the OAH for a three-year period.

CD costs are determined by the length of the hearing, and monies are due in advance, prior to release of the audio file(s) and/or hearing CD(s).  

You will receive notice of the total amount due to obtain a copy of the recorded hearing from the OAH Information Technology Team.

Accepted forms of payment: Checks and money orders payable to the Maryland State Treasurer.

The OAH does not process transcription requests in-house, but upon receipt of a transcription request, an estimate will be prepared, based upon the length of the hearing, and sent to you from the Information Technology Team.  

The estimate will also include instructions on how to submit payment to our contracted transcription vendor.

Additional Inquires:
Phone: (410) 229-4344